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Epilepsy can affect
anyone with a brain.
And anyone with a brain
can affect epilepsy.
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We are the
Epilepsy Foundation

We exist to End Epilepsy. That means increasing awareness and changing the conversation around epilepsy, improving and saving lives through care, advocacy, research and new therapies, and education, and mobilizing everyone to take action.

Our purpose is to ensure ...

  • Everyone knows about epilepsy and seizure first aid.
  • People with epilepsy can access specialty care faster and gain greater seizure control, and they and their families can benefit from supportive care.
  • People with epilepsy can live full lives in their communities.
  • People with epilepsy don't die early or suffer injuries.
  • People with epilepsy can benefit from research and new therapies.
  • Everyone can participate with us in the fight to End Epilepsy.

By the Numbers

Every number is a real person and a real story

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65 Million People around the world
who have epilepsy
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3.4 Million People in the United States
who have epilepsy
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1 in 10 People will have a
seizure in their lifetime
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1 in 26 People will be diagnosed
with epilepsy in their lifetime

Use Your Brain to
Learn and Share Seizure First Aid.

Take Action

Learn Seizure First Aid and share it with at least 26 others leading up to and during November Epilepsy Awareness Month. Post on your social channels and include hashtag:

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Walk. Run. Form a Team. Fundraise. Sponsor.
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Use Your Brain Use Your Brain
Use your brain to take action and raise awareness with brain stencils, brain art and purple rouge challenge COMING SOON!
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Be an End Epilepsy Ambassador, Share Seizure First Aid.
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Join us as a Founding Corporate Sponsor. Contact:
Advocate Advocate
  • Sign-Up to be an Epilepsy Foundation Advocate: Learn More
  • Learn about Epilepsy Foundation Advocacy: Learn More
Use your brain To End

Stories to End Epilepsy

I'm using my brain every day to let people know that SUDEP is real and it is happening and we need to make it stop.

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Our Ambassadors

The stories of people with epilepsy fuel the fight to End Epilepsy. The epilepsies are a complex spectrum of brain disorders and diseases that are best understood through the personal stories of people affected by epilepsy and their families. That's why sharing stories is at the core of our Let's Use Our Brains to End Epilepsy campaign. Our ambassador profiles will roll out over the coming weeks, one each week to begin to tell the stories of epilepsy -- the trials and triumphs which fuel and inspire the fight to End Epilepsy.


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Join us for the nationwide Walk to End Epilepsy. Find a location and walk with us!
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November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month. Stay tuned for local and nationwide events!
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