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We exist to END EPILEPSY. That means increasing awareness and changing the conversation around epilepsy, improving and saving lives through care, advocacy, research and new therapies, and education — and mobilizing everyone to take action to END EPILEPSY and the challenges that surround epilepsy. In doing this, we can better fulfill our purpose. Here’s how it comes to life and has greater impact for people with epilepsy.

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1. Everyone knows about epilepsy and seizure first aid.

  • EDUCATE and train everyone about the brain and epilepsy, safety, and Seizure First Aid
  • ADVOCATE for state legislation requiring Seizure First Aid training in schools and communities

2. People with epilepsy can access care faster and gain greater seizure control, and they and their families can benefit from supportive care.

  • Helpline referrals to CARE, resources and local supportive care
  • Support the TRAINING of epilepsy specialists
  • ADVOCACY and RESEARCH to improve access to and quality of epilepsy care
  • ECHO telementoring

3. People with epilepsy can live full lives in their communities.

  • ADVOCATE for the rights and interests of people with epilepsy, including access to quality affordable healthcare, rights in the schools and workplace and more
  • Legal assistance
  • A platform for speaking up for and with people with epilepsy [national and local]
  • Supportive CARE [local]
  • Scholarships [local]

4. People with epilepsy don’t die early or suffer injuries.

  • EDUCATE and ADVOCATE for greater SUDEP awareness and prevention
  • EDUCATE about safety, injury prevention and preventable epilepsy
  • RESEARCH to develop seizure alerts
  • RESEARCH to understand and prevent SUDEP

5. People with epilepsy can benefit from research and new therapies.

  • Fund and promote innovative RESEARCH AND NEW THERAPIES
  • Clinical Trials Portal
  • Pipeline Conference
  • Epilepsy Shark Tank Awards

6. Everyone can participate with us in the fight to END EPILEPSY.

  • Promote the power of stories to raise awareness and funds
  • ADVOCATE and mobilize everyone to take action to END EPILEPSY
  • ADVOCATE for more federal RESEARCH funding
  • END EPILEPSY means more than cures. It means ending the challenges that surround epilepsy – the ignorance, misdiagnoses, stigma, silence, isolation, treatment delays, anxiety, fear, seizures, unpredictability, mistreatment, sudden death, depression, discrimination, passivity, hiding, scarcity of resources, etc.

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