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Use any and all of these action ideas during November -- and year-round. Follow us on social media @EndEpilepsy and use #EndEpilepsy.


Overshare Seizure First Aid

Start a ripple. Let’s create a wave. 🌊 Make sure your social network knows what to do if someone is having a seizure. When someone knows Seizure First Aid, the more likely they will turn to help.



Take the pledge to END EPILEPSY

Together with our nationwide Epilepsy Foundation Network, we are committed to individuals and families in their personal journey. Make a pledge to take action with your local Epilepsy Foundation at and sign up at JOIN THE FIGHT at


Share about Epilepsy.

Share with your friends about epilepsy. Make sure they know that anyone can have a seizure. Any time. Anywhere. Let them know that during your lifetime, 1 in 10 people will have a seizure, and 1 in 26 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy. Share a fact about epilepsy that is true or personal for you.


Test your epilepsy knowledge.

We challenge you. Go ahead. Test your epilepsy and brain knowledge during National Epilepsy Awareness Month — and year-round. Take the Quiz and then share and challenge others to take the Quiz. We’ll soon feature other quizzes, so there will be other opportunities to learn about epilepsy and the brain. Accurate knowledge is key to awareness. Visit


Put the brain front and center.

It’s important to link epilepsy to the brain. Understanding where epilepsy comes from — the brain — can help combat myths and misinformation. Focusing on the brain can also help affirm our uniqueness and our strengths as we live with and overcome the challenges of epilepsy. Our brains are our common ground. Let’s talk about the brain as a way to talk about epilepsy.


Create your own unique Brain Art.

Create your own unique Brain Art to END EPILEPSY and share it with a message at Your brain is completely unique. So is your Brain Art. Your Brain Art will help bring epilepsy out of the shadows, spread awareness, and inspire others to help END EPILEPSY.


Be a changemaker. Speak up for yourself and others.

Your voice matters. Sign up at to actively participate with our Speak Up Speak Out Advocacy Network. You can also get involved in state advocacy with your local Epilepsy Foundation (