Epilepsy Summit 2015

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February 26-28, 2015 - Manhattan Beach, California

Welcome from the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles 
and The Charlie Foundation for Dietary Therapies

Welcome on behalf of the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles and The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies, we would like to welcome you to our jointly organized Epilepsy Summit. 

No one at this Summit needs to be reminded of the profound impact that epilepsy has on all whom it touches. But the very fact that we are all here represents a partnership in our shared conviction that we need not be held hostage by the brain diseases known as the epilepsies.

There is valuable information available today — be it resources, life style changes, the range of treatment options or scientific advances — that can improve the lives of those affected by the epilepsies.

To all healthcare and medical professionals at the Summit, our most sincere gratitude for your willingness to share and expand your knowledge.

For those who are here for the family/community conference, our heartfelt admiration for your refusal to accept the status quo and your quest for awareness and answers to improve your lives.

The collaboration between our two organizations, as well as the many sponsors and partners of the Summit, represents our joint commitment to empower the epilepsy community with both knowledge and support in their epilepsy fight.

We are keenly aware of our responsibility to bring together experts who can provide current and balanced information, and we sincerely hope you will find the Epilepsy Summit both informative and energizing.

The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies

Executive Director
Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles


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Emerald Sponsor

Epilepsy Foundation Wellness Institute

Silver Sponsors

Cambrooke Therapeutics 


Insys Therapeutics Inc

Quest Nutrition


Athena Diagnostics — NeuroSigma

Nutr-volution — Sunovion 

ultragenyx — Vitaflo


VNS by Cyberonics — PMT Corporation
Upsher Smith — Glut1 Deficiency Foundation
Solace Nutrition — Bariatrix Nutrition
CHOC Children’s Hospital
Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles 

Friends Level

Supernus Pharmaceuticals — CURE Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy
UC Irvine Medical Center — ICE Epilepsy — KETONIX — Neuropace
University of Michigan Health System Ketogenic Diet Practicum






Epilepsy Centers / Medical Centers

The following participated with promotion and/or faculty

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

CHOC Children’s Hospital Orange County

Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

UCLA School of Medicine

Keck School of Medicine and LAC+USC Medical Center

Huntington Memorial Medical Center

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Loma Linda University Medical Center

UC Irvine Health

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

ECoC, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

Program Schedule
February 26-28, 2015

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Care Conference for Community & School Professionals

Program Schedule
Thursday, February 26, 2015


Neurologists CME Conference

Program Schedule
CME Information and Disclosures
Friday, February 27, 2015


Community Conference

Dravet Forums
Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27, 2015

Parents/Family Schedule
Saturday, February 28, 2015

Adults/Friends Schedule
Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spanish Schedule
Saturday, February 28, 2015


Awardees 2015
Presented by the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles

Summit Lifetime Achievements Award 2015
Docteur Charlotte Dravet

We honor Charlotte for her lifetime of achievements in the care of children with epilepsy worldwide. We honor your diligence in seeing what others could not yet see and sharing it with the world to improve diagnosis and then treatment on the path to cures.

Summit Family Award 2015
Charlie Abrahams and his family

We honor this family for their persistence against all odds for the sake of Charlie – and then thousands of others. We honor the extraordinary devotion that has reached families in all corners of the globe through the Charlie Foundation.


Summit Epilepsy Specialist Award 2015
Gregory O. Walsh, MD

We honor Dr. Walsh for his life of devotion to medically caring for adults with epilepsy in California. Even after developing seizures after a biking accident, he has continued to care for Veterans who, like him, have seizures as a result of head trauma.


Summit Advocate Award 2015

We honor Joan for her life of service and sacrifice for families affected by epilepsy in California. Her years in epilepsy research and her years as a staff and then volunteer with the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles. A tireless advocate who has recruited others to the cause.



Earl I. Feldhorn was righteous, kind hearted and generous, and a true friend and trustee of our Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles. We are grateful for Earl’s more than 20 years of service, and our lives are richer for having known him. 

Some Summit Scholarships were awarded today in Memory of Earl.


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