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Create & Share Your Own Brain Art

Spread epilepsy awareness with your Brain Art in three simple steps 1) upload photo of your profile, 2) choose a word that has meaning for you, and 3) share your Brain Art on social and let us share it to spread awareness. Click here.

Action for Awareness

Use your brain to take Action 
for Awareness. Click here.


Walk with others nationwide. It’s a great way to care for your brain and others!

Use Your Brain to Learn and Share Seizure First Aid

Learn Seizure First Aid and share with others using these: Download Seizure First Aid Poster (PDF)Share Seizure First Aid on social media. Learn More:


Take and Share the Brain-E Quiz

Test your knowledge of brain health, epilepsy and seizures. Share your results on social and encourage others to take test their knowledge.

Own A Moment to END EPILEPSY — One way to use your Brain

Moments of time imprint memories on your brain and define you. Own A Moment and then use your brain to commemorate and share it. Use your Moment to raise funds and awareness.

Use Your Brain to Advocate

Create change. Use your voice as a force for change and be an advocate by asking your elected officials to take action to END EPILIEPSY.
Sign up to be an Advocate.

Partner with us. Let’s use our brains together to END EPILEPSY.

When you support END EPILEPSY, you are supporting the mission of the Epilepsy Foundation.

Use Your Brain to Donate to END EPILEPSY

There are many ways you can support the fight to END EPILEPSY.  Give in honor or make a tribute gift, ask your employer to match your gift, donate by payroll deduction or work place giving, donate stock, Own A Moment, set up a Facebook fundraiser @ENDEPILEPSY and more. and donate at:

Learn More about the mission and work of the Epilepsy Foundation